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Memory Problems

Memtest is easy to use and is an accurate test of your computer memory.  It can tell you if your memory is bad, a motherboard slot is bad etc. Please note it takes a fair amount of time to run the required 6-8 passes. Overnight is often best. Memtest is better than the built-in memory tester because it tests outside the Windows environment thus eliminating everything else. Details 1. Download Memtest  here  and follow the instructions to burn it to a CD.  It will also work if burned to a bootable USB drive. 2. Burn the downloaded image to a CD or bootable USB drive 3. Boot from the Memtest media and start running it. 4. Yours should look like this. (no errors) 5. Let the first pass run and observe the report after the first pass. There should no errors.   If there are it will look like this 6. If no errors, continue running the other 7 passes. 7. If at the end of 8 passes there are no errors you can be fairly sure your memory is working correctly. Any time  Memtest  reports errors, it