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Microsoft integrates Cortana and Power BI in an attempt to simplify big data analytics

B y integrating Cortana and Power BI, Microsoft hopes to make data analytics available to everyone in the enterprise. Mark Kaelin remains skeptical and explains why. Image: On December 1, 2015, Microsoft announced that the integration of Cortana with Power BI was now available in preview . In other words, customers can try the integration out if they want to, but it has not been rolled out to everyone just yet. Presumably, Microsoft wants to get some feedback on how well the integration actually works. Cortana and Power BI Microsoft pitches Cortana  as "your clever new personal assistant," but in reality, it is just a search tool for Windows 10 that can also recognize simple voice commands and phrases. Cortana searches your computer and the internet for answers to your queries. Now, with this announcement, it will also send your queries to Power BI—that is, if you use that application. Power BI is Microsoft's tool for displaying and analyzing data