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Why Apple is the forbidden fruit of enterprise IT

Users may love Apple products but making them work in business is causing headaches for this tech chief. The irony of the mystical apple which is the forbidden fruit is not lost on me as I struggle to contemplate Apple and its products within my technology domain. Apple is certainly in demand from my user base and the passion with which users consume this brand, and insist on it, is bordering on frenzy. With each new release — however minimal and bland — comes a wave of workers determined to be one of the first to get the device off the shelf and into the office. As consumer tech, while I am not a frenzied fan, I can at least understand the appeal and attraction for iPhones and iPads (although the appeal of the Watch is very much lost on me). However, what people don't understand and what businesses need to know is that Apple is not business friendly enough - for me at least. It's rules require a 30 percent of any app revenue go to Apple, and in addition, the