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5 Ways Virtual Reality Can Change The Way You Use iPhones

Stepping into the virtual reality has still been a mystery from Apple and yet their fans can enjoy the magnificent VR experience through this new iPhone case, Figment VR, reports TOI. The product is manufactured by Quantum Bakery LLC, which aims to raise $75000 for a crowd funding project, by January 2016. The Figment VR is similar to that of the any random iPhone case, but a deeper observation reveals the pair of lenses that work like the VR viewer. It is made up of polycarbonate plastic with a silicon rubber coating and a scratch proof lens. Also, the VR is likely to work only with the iPhone 6 and above models. The shipping of the product will begin from March 2016 with a price tag of $79 but early pledgers can own it for $49 itself. With the introduction of VR to iPhone here are a 5 ways it will change the user experience on the Smartphone. Gaming:                                                                                                                                        


                                         1-       ADmodcmd            :- Active Directory Bulk modify 2-       CSVDE                      : - Import or export   Active Directory data 3-       DSACLs                     : - Active Directory ACls 4-       DSADD                     : - Add items to active directory ( user group computer) 5-       DSGET                    : - View items in active directory (user group computer) 6-       DS QUERY             : - Search for items in active directory ( user group computer) 7-       DS MOD                    : - Modify items in active directory ( User group computer) 8-       DS MOVE                  : - Move an active directory object 9-       DSRAM                      : - Removes items from active directory BATCH FILES 10-    CALL                          :- Call one batch program from another 11-    CHOICE                     : - Accept keyboard input to batch file 12-    CLIP                         : - Copy STDIN to the windows clipbo